• Why PegNet?

    trading platform

    Convert between any listed asset for just $.001. Global without borders. Self-issue assets with no counterparty, collateral, or smart contracts.

    Store value your way

    Store value in any listed fiat currency, cryptocurrency, or precious metal with many more assets and even baskets planned.


    All payments and transactions cost 1/10th of a cent whether you send five cents or five million dollars.

    Cross chain, Interoperable

    PegNet will be interoperable with Ethereum and other popular blockchain platforms.

    Transaction Scaling

    Scale your blockchain by utilizing PegNet for your blockchain's payment transactions.


    Make payments in your local currency or any listed asset for just 1/10th of a cent whether you send $10 million or a micro transaction.

    Smart Contracts

    Settle smart contracts with any listed asset, from USD to gold.

    Oracle System

    Leverage the network of Proof of Work-based price oracles in creative ways.


    Unlimited opportunities.

    Unlimited conversions between assets at just 1/10th of a cent per trade. No middle men taking a cut of your trades, no spread, no smart contracts, and no counterparty risk.
  • The world's first network of non-custodial tokens pegged to price oracles

    Introducing the Pegged Network

  • Join the first open source PegNet mining pool

  • The Proposal Details How the Pegged Network is Being Implemented

  • Developer Quickstart

  • Setup the PegNet Ecosystem for Conversions and Transfers


    A Guide to Converting FCT to PEG on OSX and Linux

  • How to transfer PEG from the Enterprise Wallet to the GUI Wallet


    Install the “Kambani” extension for Google Chrome

    GUI Wallet

  • PegNet API

  • PegNet Miner Docs

    PegNet uses a unique Proof of Work algorithm called LXRHash which is only for CPUs. Miners are rewarded in PEG, the network token. Mine on common, accessible hardware with 90% less energy than Bitcoin.

  • Download Factom Blockchain Bootstrap file

    For miners using a local instance of factomd to spin up quickly on main-net. This provides the first 203,427 blocks instead of having to sync over the network.

    To use the bootstrap, just simply replace the folder at the below path with the one in the unzipped file:

  • PegNet Explorer

    Factom Explorer

  • Live Network

    Metrics and statistics for the Factom blockchain. Entry credits and factoids burnt, inflation data, authority node information, and more

  • Join us on DiscordReddit, Twitter and YouTube

    PegNet launched with multi-national community of traders, miners and developers behind it. Join the Discord, get involved. Open Source project that anyone can contribute to - from developers, to miners, to designers.
    Most of our technical conversation happens on Discord and we post updates on Reddit and twitter

  • More about pegged network. FAQ